Hi there!

I’m a passionate photographer from Belgium that takes great pride in capturing the true spirit & personality of the people and abandoned spaces that I photograph.
After the birth of my daughter in 2007 I discovered my passion for photography.
Passion is something that only comes from within and it’s one of the most important things that I bring to every photoshoot.


Outdoor Fashionshoots

Capturing the soul and personality of the model with edgy fashion and a nice location makes a sparkling portrait.

The mood of the scene is important, the model doesn’t need to look directly in the camera.
I love launching fresh faces and I encourage starting models to give it a try!

Maybe you simply want to have some nice beauty portraits for your Facebook. Or if you are interested in modelling I can help you making a model portfolio.
You do not need to travel to a studio to be placed against a boring wall to be charged a fortune for a handful of photos.

Modelshoots are on TFP base (=for free) to expand the portfolios of all participants, my personal goal is to improve my last shoot.









            I work closely with each model to discuss the theme, clothes, hair, makeup, styling to prevent any nervousness.

Models choose their favorite clothes, I have some poses prepared and the magic begins, I love teamwork with creative people.

I cover most important Miss events and fashionshows and I try to avoid mainstream photography to keep my creative freedom.

My interests go to portraits, fashionshows, promoting models for contests, fashion collections, events,…. Delivering quality, creativity & fun are my keywords.

I’m expanding my portfolio with free portraitwork now, i’m not sure if I will ever start as a pro (what this word may mean, if you see the work of some called “professionals”).


Urbex Photography

It all started with Urban Exploration, exploring hidden abandoned castles, theatres, villas, schools, prisons, fabrics, swimmingpools, planes, car graveyards,… all across Europe.

This artistic type of photography is adventurous, teamwork, storytelling and exciting. Each trip is a surprise, sometimes we travel into real time capsules.


Abandoned places expose a dark, dramatic atmosphere with a certain mood of sadness and isolation.
The emptiness and silence never fail to generate haunting visions from the past.
Seeing the images makes the viewer wonder what once was and what happened.

Abandoned locations are taken over by nature which claims back it’s place and represent a forgotten era in our fast moving society.
Most buildings were an expression of utopia in their time and are clever pieces of architecture. Now, they are decayed and forgotten, past meets future…


After 7 years of urban exploring I did a few expositions at various places, but now i’m ready for new adventures in outdoor fashionphotography.

In my spare time I love to travel, meet new people and listening to soulful deephouse music.