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Karen C
I came across your link on the MessyNessy website. I always wonder why people leave so many personal belongings, family photos, etc behind. These are all a part of someone's past and now will be lost to time. The photography is stunning, thank you for sharing.
Mira Soowamber
All ur pictures make me live in past history telling fary tales as i love to memorise all past even in past generation❤❤❤?
Aimee Nobelen
This entire website is my new life!
Allison Sherman
I just went through your site and it is so impressive.!!!
Tobias Marquardt
Der absolute Hammer, das Bild! Vergangene Zeiten!
Andre Felix Tiffany M. Estevez-Reid
This is dope. Creepy and captivating.
Stacy Grebe
Now this is the kind of photos I like to see....such decay yet such beauty. What once was and what is there now...untouched.
Tabitha Schoonover
Oh what I would do to visit these beautiful places. The photos are so breath taking you can't stop looking at them. He has the best job.
Frank Graf
Der Fotograf in mir sagt: sehr geile Fotos von einer sehr außergewöhlichen Location... der Autoliebhaber: verdrückt eine Träne..
Joe Ramella
Incredible pictures. Thank you for sharing. WOW. I wish I could of been on the adventure.
Patrice Bedrosian-Nagel
These photographs take my breathe away..They are beautiful and haunting at the same time
Martha Smith
Your photography is amazing. You can see by the comments that you have struck a chord with your fans. If these walls could talk? They just did! They whispered, "Mystery ..." Thank you for sharing.
Don Pepe
Tolle Bilder, ich bin mehr als beeindruckt!
Lizzie Parr
I'm a design student and I focus on decay and nature... your photography always features as inspiration.. for colours and texture! Just know somewhere in the world theres a metal/textile student using you as her inspiration!
Miranda Van Der Linden
Sometimes, some people do master the art to evoke great emotions trough images or music. A lot of his pictures move me so much, it almost makes me weep of joy and other emotions.
Barry Kooda
? Urbex There are a lot of deteriorating architecture photographers and this is one of my favorites. Outstanding work.
Kirsty Chesshire
I love this. I looked through your whole gallery on it yesterday. Fantastic!
Lisa Howard‎
Your work inspires me to write stories to accompany them.
Laurie Ann‎
LOVE, this page!!
Susan Rhoades
The world full of history that is deteriorating one building at a time. Your pictures are constant reminder to preserve and be aware for the future. Thank you
Cathy Muldowney Visscher
I can't pick out a favourite...They are all great !!
Suellen Harriman
So interesting to have a peek into these places that were once full of life and love. You can't help but feel a sadness that they are just left, as if the people went on errands and never returned.
Charity Hipkins
I absolutely love all these wonderful preserved home pictures. It's always wonderful to get a glance of what the past looked like. I think I might have fit in better there then in this time. Love all the pictures!!!
Kathy Joplin
That definitely is Soulphotography...makes me want to know more.
Julie LaBomascus
From a time when cars had character.
Christina Bunch
So I love when you guys post these photos;but more than that, I love you give the history of the object or place with the photos. It helps the photos really take root. I could look through your photographs for hours. Thank you.
Narelle De La Quinto
You find places that are, as another person commented, eerily beautiful. I love that through your photos, these families and places get to live on. You're able to capture someones life story when they seem to have disappeared.
Aline Read
It amazes me that there are these places out there that are just forgotten and frozen in their own time. That one can forget about them so easily. Thank you for allowing us to remember, and maybe even become, the people who once were. Simple, beautiful pics but so much more....
Shawna Reichert
Amazing work! Love how you capture the essence of the abandoned places you shoot. I would love to find places like this to photograph.
Ken Reeve
Wonderfully evocative photos, as we live here in rural France we see all its heritage just decaying and then its lost. Well done ,thanks for sharing
Colin Cahill
Great pictures...almost surreal.
Michael Erickson
I love your Art
Coco da Mol
Amazing photos...stunning and atmospheric!
Kimberly Watson
Speechless wow beautiful
Valerie Cleland
Just gorgeous! It makes me sad too ? The stories your photos help tell. Thank you for sharing your gift!
Vicki Foster
I was completely transfixed looking at these pictures. This is literally what my dreams are made of, beautiful old structures.
Ernie Misner
Your photography is brilliant!
April Loyd Paulat
Oh wow! Gives me chills it is beautiful and quite sad. Love this thank you
Hadeel Binayan
Your work is spectacular!?
Sylvia Pulley Yowe
You have such a talent for evoking emotion with your photos. I feel many feelings viewing the home itself, I adore old architecture. But it's the way you capture the things abandoned that really sparks a deeper resonance.
Robyn Fagan
OMG WOW this just takes my breath away it's magnificent
Eileen Saint Lauren
Karen Russo
Wow your photos are spectacular. I really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing them
Marie-Claude Dubreuil
Magnificent photography !
Debra Camisa
I'm Fascinated now
Briohny Blacker
Priceless, just WOW
Dantesco Lopez Johanson
Beautiful works and decay places Soulphotography! Greetings from Madrid and very good New Year 2017 to you
Christine Harter Buschel
Breathtaking photos. Humans can build skyscrapers and enormous sports stadiums so I have a hard time believing some beauties cannot be saved. Nothing is impossible.
Debra Lueken
To me a building is so much more than brick and morter. It represents history. I always want to know more about the lives that exsisted there. Your photos are a beautiful glimpse at the past.
Gwennie J's
It's a wonderful adventure you have taken us on. One can only imagine
Vanessa Walter
J'ai travaillé 8 ans dans l'industrie énergétique... Vous ne pouviez pas me faire plus plaisir qu'avec ces photoreportages, merci!
Jennifer Evitt-Wood
Wow, magnificent find! Your photography provides this place wonderful documentation in an artful sense. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.
Donna Watson
Each picture had so much character.
Suzannah Raber
Incredible! Breath taking! I would die to get to see the things you do and capture it the way you do. It's amazing! I have a passion for old houses and exploring them and imagining their history.
Jodi Totten Fialkowski
I would fly all the way out there - from Nashville, Tennessee just to photograph this. WOW!! This puts American architecture to shame! lol
Uvette Brice
Your caputuring the soul of this beautiful houses, it's absolutely perfect. Your work is awesome.
Serena Caughron
Breathtaking! Couldn't imagine leaving behind all that beauty!!! Wonderful work and AMAZING photographic skills/styles!!!!
Sabine Dewitz
Worth to be saved! Wonderfull places, spectacular pictures! Love it!! Thanks!
Karen Watson
Stunning photography!
Ekram Hanan
Sometimes i listen to classic music when I see those pics
Valerie Cleland
Oh my ! So beautiful! Can I please come and follow you around these beautiful places you photograph?! It's such a treat to see what you've captured. Thank you for sharing
Kathy Dan
It's almost painful to look at, it's so beautiful!
Valerie Gray-Morgan
True Masterpieces
JoAnn Alexander
Stunning piece of history. Your work is beautiful and it shows your passion. Thank you. I got here to your page through Messy Nessy Chic!! YAY!!
Christine Duffy
Your photos captured the beauty and they creepiness. Wonderful
Melinda Leigh
I've found some rooms of my childhood dreams!
Jill Taylor
A photographers dream! Just beautiful!
Jennaphir L. Graves
OMG!! This is just stunning!! Made my heart stop and gave me tingles to my core!
Gail Meyers
So serene
Katha Teske
Lisa Smiley
I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing the old beauty of the factories with us. You made it Alive again. I could just picture it working in full swing. All the employees going about their business. Thank you.
Valerie Cleland
I get so excited when I see a new post from you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos
Jodi Totten Fialkowski
These are stunning - the detail, the feeling that we are there in person seeing this - keep up the great work!!!
Artist Bythesea
Why do the humans let the souls of buildings crumble and disappear. Beauty. Soulful. Peace. Shameful.
Jennifer Hope Damron
Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures! It's always fascinating to see history and learn about it. I've always wondered passing abandoned buildings here in the USA, what it's story was and how it became that way.Downtown Cincinnati has some beautiful architecture and it's always sad to see it covered in graffiti or falling apart. I guess some people just don't understand the beauty of all art.
Hermine Dietel
Schade das es neimanden gibt der diese tolle Kunst noch rettet
Jamie King Clark
Pictures such as these, I love them! My imagination runs wild with how life must have been.
Debby Manix Moore
These pics are just amazing!! The story's that they create in your mind are fantastical. Real treasure finds!! I'd love to find and explore old houses like these.
Melody Smith
So much awesome history in the pictures. You almost feel the heartache in them.
Nara Cunha DelosAngeles
Very beautiful! So dramatic and full of feelings.
Christie Fullerton
Can you feel the old souls there? I almost can through your pictures! Amazing and haunting. Places like these make my heart weep and my mind race. Thank you.
Deb Sturrup
Awesome pics...actually got goosebumps ???
Connie Lee Flonnes
I dream about this kind of stuff.
Jean Pierre Leeuwmans
Fantastische reeksen!! Timewarp à volonté!
Tobias Marquardt
Geniale Series, mal wieder!
Robert N Frances Branham
Your pictures are incredible! I get lost in them just trying to imagine how it looked way back when. And who may have lived there....thank you so much for sharing
Ann-Marie Fitzpatrick
Seems we are all lovers of the forgotten. Too bad we cannot all form a road trip and wander the halls of these magnificent structures decaying and lonely. Europe if full of these treaures. Please post more of these finds.
Diane Marie
The pictures are just so cool. But seriously how are you not scared to go in there. No way, no way! I'd be afraid I'd fall through the stairs or something......be careful and thank you so much!
Arianamarie Guzman
How did u get involve with things like this I want to do this kind of job but idk where to start I love those places and I would die to get on ur team
Samantha Hatcher
These places are heart breaking. So much life had been lived here and now it is left to rot. The pictures are breath taking. Thank you for preserving history.
Mary Turner
The pictures are wonderful yet also depressing. All of that history, abandoned. Makes me kind of sad. Thank you though, I love seeing the old castles and mansions.
Victoria Dennett
Amazing photos but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to walk around that beautiful place knowing I'd be followed around by lots of spirits. so glad you were I loved every picture. Xxx
Cindy Clark
The only thing more amazing than the castles is your photography
Enahj Acronim Gnapmagac
Shots are very beautiful.. that enhances the story of the place..
Christine Harter Buschel
Absolutely breathtaking! Your photography of the magnificent castles have brought me to tears.
Shannon-Roger Morrison
These pictures are time capsules! Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!
Steven Moody Jr Tiffany
Another reason to go on honeymoon in France
Stephanie Martin
This makes me consider becoming a squatter!?amazing pics-fantastic places, would be great locations for a horror/film set.
Jayne Gauthier Hayes
I feel like i have been in the hallway in a dream or something..that's weird...
Cassandra Hayes Medlin
I love your eye for the best angles and light...pure talent!
Lesia Ward Hagy
Looks like VanGogh paintings.
April Poff
I love this. The best part about exploring abandoned places is picturing the people who once lived there.
Janice Watts
Amazing pic's! u can almost feel the silent souls in this pic.
Jessica Beatty
I just can't stop saying wow. This is true beauty!
Donald Gray
I love the photos you take of all the places you go. The stick and the rock in the photo of the dead dog suggest that it did not die a natural death. It was another sad but interesting study of decay.
Teresa Hurt
Love the all photos you take. This is like mini vacations for me to see all the unique places in this world. ♡
Rudy Pittoors
Prachtige sfeerweergave van weleer, je hoort als het ware de stemmen nog echoën door de gangen en in de turnzaal. Proficiat!
Holly Dunn Yeakley
You are blessed with an amazing talent which has afforded you a wonderful life. I love seeing your posts!
Ophelia Fortress
Truly amazing...every shot is is winner!
wow, such beautiful photographs, really special
Heather A Bunker
Your photography does not just demonstrate a "photograph" you capture "history" and "what it once was" Thank you for going past the surface and capturing such beautiful history.
Robert Bridgforth
Awesome pictorial!!! The photos of age and decay have always fascinated me. Must be that each is attached with unknown stories.
Donna McCurdy
As I'm scrolling down, I'm wondering why this hotel was being photographed. Only when I got to this photo did I realize that this is an abandoned hotel!!!! All the above photos looks like an operating hotel. Magnificent!!!!!!! You do beautiful work...I'm a huge fan!
Kathy Miller Peterson
Amazing photographs! Thank you for sharing.
Suellen Harriman
So glad I ran across your page. Your photography of places leaves me awestruck. If a picture has 1000 words,... Yours surely do.
Kitty Johnson
I love your work. You are very talented and have a great eye for beauty... Thank you fro sharing all your inspiration and talent with us.
Christina Bunch
So in love when you post new photos, I love you give the history of the object or place with the photos. It helps the photos really takes root. I could look through your photos for hours. Thank you.
Jane Blacket
The beauty captured makes me cry. Thank you.
Laura Jeanie Brown Galipeau
So jealous of your life, I always wanted to learn photography and travel all over the world. I love historic places, even the smallest. Maybe I can live vicariously through your photography. Thank you for sharing your magnificent work!
I just found your website & galleries of urbex photography & want to say - THANK YOU!!! Their beauty & all the echoes of history & meaning & life & loss they evoke leave me lost for words. So sensitively captured here in these images. Thank you for all the work you have done in creating them & for your generousity in sharing them like this. They are windows into worlds we would never have seen. As a sociologist who studies domestic life, for me they are treasure. Thank you!!!!
casey daniels
Wow!!! Great music and images at the same time! Niiiiiiice mind vacation.
Hard to believe that such beautiful homes have been neglected for so long. How is it possible, lovely images though.
Very good job!!
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