Art is inspiration to the Soul


Did you ever visit a real Art gallery and thought that an exclusive wallprint would be fantastic in your home interior,

but you were afraid of asking the not mentionned (high) price and came home with empty hands ?


When you see publicity of dream interiors you noticed that art makes a difference as a sparkling accent, but the wallprints are impossible to find.

When you visit furniture shops you see fantastic demo wallprints, but they only sell furniture and the wallprints are not for sale.

Before I was a photographer I had the same experiences.


You would appreaciate an affordable urban artwork on your wall and receiving many positive comments from your visitors.

After receiving tons of postive comments on my first exposition in October 2017, my wallprints are for sale for the first time in limited edition at affordable prices.


This is a my favorite selection of photos with atmospheric lightning & deep realistic colours on which I also received thousands of Facebook likes/comments.

They are very elegant looking in any interior, printed on premium fine art photo paper (no cheap canvas) and attached on a dilite panel with hanging profile.

Personalised prints of all my images on my website are available on request in any size at the same affordable prices.


My 5 years reference work is also bundled in 2 best of books printed on premium photopaper, including the background stories.

Both limited edition books are available @ my bookstore  


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