Pensionnat Catholique




This large boarding school is situated in a pittoresque village in France.

It was built just before WWII for catholic girls with an integrated chapel on the 3rd floor.

During the war it was occupied by the German army, until the American allied forces took the building.

After the war the school reopened and it was expanded many times, at it’s peak there where 600 students present.

The number of students started to decline as they became more interested in science & technology. 

The school finally closed around the year 2000 and is abandoned since then.

The real gem was the chapel still in good condition with it’s huge stained glass windows.

I was lucky there was great light that day, the lightbeams brought a colourful spectacle through the stained glass.

During my exposition I got many positive reactions from the visitors because of of the serene Zen atmosphere.



Format : 60cm x 40cm (24″ x 16″)

Finishing : Pearl photomat (Premium photoprint on a dilite panel)

Including : hanging up profile


Delivered in limited signed edition