Monastery P

This abandoned monastery and school was established in 1806. Over the years the site was expanded and remodeled. In 1839 the Golden Chapel was initiated, but later it was expanded and decorated and in 1846 re-initiated. The result was a large baroque chapel with rich ceiling- and wallcovering and a monumental baroque altar. Between 1843-1845 the Silver chapel was built. A private chapel for priest Joseph de Pélichy. The Golden chapel is protected heritage since 1981, a part of the buildings is also protected since 2012. The Sisters of Maria left in 2013, since 7 years this monastery is abandoned now. Highlights were the Golden and Silver chapel, the art deco livingroom, the corridors, dining and classrooms. On the attic we found two pictures of sisters. In the basement an old washing machine and a ironing board. A project developer has a plan to restore the historic and protected parts of the site. And they are studying how to re-use the Golden and Silver chapel and propositions are welcome. This hidden pearl will be restored in it’s honour again. We took pictures for 1 1/2 hrs and it was nice to meetup with old photographer friends which we don’t see so often anymore.