Château Lumière

Château Lumiere was the family home of a wealthy Swiss tobacco industrial. The stunning chateau hidden away in a quiet town in Alsace, France. It was built in a Neo-Baroque style in the early 1900s. They spent too much money, couldn’t afford to keep the castle anymore and left it behind in the 50’s. The castle was used for business purposes after the owner left the town. It was sold numerous times, however it stood empty and abandoned since then. Our trip in 2013 : we drove all night to France, but it was worth the extreme early departure hour. This is one of the nicest castles we ever visited! We sneaked around the back, walk up a steep hill and came down again steep through the garden. Our first impression was a majestic château, what an entry! The architect of this place had a great vision of perspective and depth. Lines that intertwine, light that follows the curves of the building and mirrors that create a parallel world. Lumière, light, is something that immediately catches the eye in the hall thanks to the massive light dome on the roof, a lot of light shines through it and it makes the castle very special. Today the mirror is broken and the castle is full of grafitti tags 🙁