Château d’Alchimiste

Château d’Alchimiste is an impressive abandoned castle situated in a small village in France, where the population is decreasing day by day. The castle was once inhabited by a professor, it was shocking to discover that all his test tubes, antique chemistry equipment and even his butterfly collection were left behind. We felt like wandering through a museum! In his spare time the professor created many paintings which were spread across the castle. In the children’s room we unexpectedly bumped against a hidden door in a wall. We entered a small space and suddenly we found ourselves in his secret rest room surrounded by his paintings, a marvelous place! The bedrooms were breathtaking like in a fairytale, there we found a newspaper dated 1992. On the attic we found even a larger collection of paintings. We left via the spooky garden, the castle and trees are getting overgrown. Suddenly dogs from the neighbourhood started barking loudly, the strange thing is that we saw no inhabitants, half of the village looked abandoned.