Ferme Aux Plantes

On an early saturdaymorning we arrived In a pittoresque village in France that was still asleep. We walked through the nettles of the heavily overgrown garden to bring you photos of “Farm Of The Dead Plants”. An abandoned house of a 94 year old Mr Omer that deceased 10 years ago in 2009. The veranda is open and we immediately see pots full of dead plants. Next we entered the 60s styled livingroom with colourful seats and wallpaper, a scratching post for cats, a few bears and many other details. Suddenly we hear noises, it was a group of French photographers that arrived, we were not the only early birds… We continued upstairs with the bedrooms. In the master bedroom we saw a wheelchair with a very old rocking toy. I hurried up to the last bedroom to make an overview shot and saw other photographers walking in the hall, so I closed the door that they would not be in my picture. Suddenly I realised the door handle was gone… The windows were to high to jump from the second floor, but lucky enough a French female photographer opened the door from the outside. In the end we took some pictures of the kitchen. There is no history available of this location, but it was a nice warming up for our long daytrip.