Château Du Loup

This breathtaking château was built in the beginning of the 20th Century in Belgium by two sons of a well settled family. Their father was the mayor of the city, he gave them the order to build two castles on his big domain. This eclectic castle has strong neoclassical influences. During WWI the two brothers had military duty and had to fight on the frontline. The Germans took over the castle and used it as a jail for prisoners of war. The castle got heavily damaged but after the war it was rebuilt. One of the sons returned ill from the front and died. His widow and children continued living there and she remarried. During WWII both castles were occupied again by the Germans. They brought over the family to a Nazi concentration camp. Luckily they survived WWII and they returned to Belgium. After the war they moved to another city and sold the castle to a rich industrial and his wife. Château Du Loup got abandoned since 2003, in 2016 the extinction of fungi started and the restoration started slowly. The future of the castle still needs to be discussed. The castle itself was empty, but the staircase looks like the one from Beauty and the Beast.