Usine S

Usine S is a big textile factory situated in Belgium. It was built in 1899 and it was specialised in the treatment of cotton, wool and textiles. About 100 years later business was not competitive enough in a newly globalized world and production ended. Today it’s abandoned for about 20 years and nature is taking over. Some machines were still in place, slowly rusting, but luckily most of them got placed in a warehouse to be put in a museum in near future. Some looked very old, we even saw steam machines! Seen the size, this factory must have employed lots of workers. In a warehouse we found a crate full of workers hats just like they just left. The site has been sold recently but the municipality doesn’t seem to know where to start and slow progress is being made. Luckily there is no vandalism or graffiti. I don’t visit much factories, but this was one of the most beautiful that I have ever explored.