The Horrorlabs

The Horror Labs aka Vet School was founded between 1903-1909 in a suburb of Brussels in Flemish neorenaissance style. Veterinaryologie was taught here. Since 1969 the university of Liege took over the formation and in 1991 activities were taken over completely. In 1990 the building became protected heritage. Today it’s emptied and partly renovated with appartments and offices. Down the cellar it got clear why this was called the Horror Labs. In a dark place we found racks full of jars containing animalparts preserved in formaldehyde. A few jars where open, so the rottening process started on the parts that got in contact with the air. Some jars had a discription on them how organs evolved during diseases. We found bundled notes from international cooperations between students, up till Buenos Aires! Old Italian newspapers where the proof that also Italian students were here in the past.