Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure

We walked through a quiet residential area in France to visit “Santa Claus Is a Stinker”, an abandoned house named after the French comedy of 1979. There was nobody in the streets, all neighbours were probably chilling in their gardens with the sunny weather. We spotted the abandoned house and climbed over the gate. We had to be very careful that our genitals wouldn’t get pierced as the gate had some high sharp pins. In the garden two abandoned cars were parked just in front of the house. As the name of the house predicted : inside it was a total mess. In the livingroom we had to place our tripods between a mass of empty bottles and the house was full of cobwebs and creepy paintings. In the kitchen the fridge was even not emptied, there we saw the last calendar dated 2002. The Christmas tree was still present from the time that the owner deceased, so here you can celebrate Christmas the whole year through. I took some pics of a photo album with French marriages to have an impression what kind of people lived here back in the good old days.