Villa Delsaerd

We walked in a residential area and suddenly disappeared in the bushes of an old abandoned house. The couple that lived here was at least 60 years married, we saw a certificate of their diamond aniversary. The husband was born in 1909, they survived both World Wars and experienced the lack of food. To prevent this in future they filled their basement full of jars with beans, carots, tuna, pineapple,… Reserves for months in case of a new WWIII. Meanwhile everything was expired since +-1992… My friend wound up the old turntable manually and played a classic record next to the empty birdcage. (see short movie on my page). The neighbours must have thought that it spooked in that old abandoned house 🙂 In one of the rooms there was a closet full of pigeon sports trophies. Since their decease everything is left abandoned… Pickup the vintage atmosphere and enjoy!