Meet The Meat

This abandoned Belgian slaughterhouse was built in 1955 and had a slaughter capacity of 1 million pigs a year. Since many years the local residents and authorities wanted it to get closed after complaints of smell and noise. Finally, under pressure of the government, it got closed down in 2017, a relief for the local residents. This site will be demolished in order to start a housing project in 2019, but the company opened a new slaughterhouse somewhere else, with a double capacity to slaughter 2 million pigs a year… When entering the building, you start to imagine what horror must have happened here for more than half a century, seeing the thousands of hooks and slaughter machines. Pigs were gasified as first anesthesia, next electrocuted (you can still see the pincer on one of my pictures), their throats were cut over and their hair was burnt off. Next they got washed, put on hooks, cut open, organs removed and carcasses cleaned. Finally they got approved, stamped and put in the freezer. It’s impressive to see what goes on behind the scenes to be able to get that piece of meat on your plate. With this photoset i’ll try to make people more conscious what animals go through. I hope this can be a small contribution, so that you all think twice to save our loving animals and our planet for our future and children.