Top Gun

On a cool cloudy morning we visited an abandoned part of an active airfield in France. In total there are 3 military planes in decay : a Noratlas 2501 marine plane of 1953 (aka Double Girder, that was used for military transports and to drop paratroopers), a Lockheed Neptune P2V7 (used in 1947 to bomb submarines) and finally a Fouga CM-170 Jet Fighter of 1952 (aka Magister Fouga, used for training of pilots and also used by the Patrouille de France). First I climbed into the marine plane, it had enormous space with benches on both sides and nice symmetrical shapes. Then I entered the bomber via the bottom of the plane, a lot was stripped already. In the Fouga CM-170 jetfighter there was only limited space for a pilot & co-pilot.