Garage Poussette

In a small village in France we visited an abandoned repair / car trade shop. It was built next to the home of it’s owner Mr. Gilbert. He collected about 250 vintage cars for restoration, mainly French cars like Citroën, Peugeot and Renault. His business was about to expand, but 35 years ago he suddenly died and nobody cared for his collection anymore.
In the garage and backyard we saw one after the other classic car wreck from the 60s and 70s almost completely overgrown, ideal to make some dramatic shots. Among them are a Opel Rekord C, several Simcas, a Mercedes W110, Renault Dauphines, a Renault Monaquatre of 1935, two Panhard PL17, a Peugeot 202 and many other models we could not identify due to the extreme decayed state. The most recent model was a Jaguar XJ-S built in the 80’s, after this time stopped here. It was getting dark and we just managed to take the last shots of the day. They don’t make em like this anymore….