The Tree Mansion

The Tree Mansion is a charming cosy farm that is abandoned since long time. We found a simple handwritten declaration that brother & sister lived here together. Josefus was born in 1891 and deceased in on11/4/1958 at the age of 67. His elder sister Katharina, born in 1897, still continued the work on the farm.. Her monthly activities where writting precisely on paper and her brothers & sisters helped her with the heavy work. The maize and potatoes where sprayed now and then. In 1994 the meadow got 4 ten barrels of dung… On op 9/4/1997 the orchard was sprayed for the last time, since then all activities where ceased. Probably after that the farmer’s wife the age of 97. It’s a mystery why the inheritants didn’t do anything more with the farm. The highlight of this farm is the bedroom full of stray and the soulless skeleton of their cat, laying peacefully on a stray basket. Waiting in all quietness and serenity on the diggers to clear up the farm, just like the the farming equipment that is out of usage forever.