Château Jumanji

Chateau Jumanji’s domain was part of a nearby beguinage and it was sold in 1575 to a noble lady. In the beginning of 1880 the old castle was demolished and with those stones the current countryhouse was built in sober neoclassical style. In 1910 on the Eastern facade an odd winter garden was built from bricks completely covered with grey cement and decorated with tree trunks and rocks. On the front side there were stairs between the rocks leading to the terrace. Creepers give it a true to nature impression. The winter garden was built by a company that specialised in artificical rocks, caves and aquariums. The strange interior was finished completely as a cave withe stalactites & stalagmites, plants, statues and built in mirrors. In 1950 the plaster of the main building was removed, Since 2002 it got classified as protected heritage together with the chapel on the domain.