Château Alkohol

This impressive mansion is located in an idyllic area in Germany, it’s surrounded by rivers and ponds, an old farm with water mill (built in 1370 and restored in the 80s) was next to it. We knew in advance the mansion was empty, but we came only for the highlight : the ancient chapel inside the castle which was built in the 17th century (1666!). It has a special atmosphere and felt like a step into the timemachine waaaay back in time. First it was used as a monastery around 1310, but later it got sold to a German Count and it was expanded to a real castle around 1450. The relics and the wallpaper in the hall made us think this mansion could have been a hunting lodge in past. The castle was inhabited until the year 2007. Nevermind the urbexname, it just refers to all the bottles of liquor that were present in the basement 🙂