Stadium DS

This Belgian football club was founded in 1919, in the 80’s it degraded to the 1st Provincial division. The club left their previous stadium in 1984 and moved to this bigger stadium. In 1998 they promoted to 4th National division, the new stadion had a capacity of 10.000 spectators, this was still too big for a club in this lower division. In 2004 there was a fusion with a local club and this team even promoted to 3rd division. There was a lot of ambition, the management bought some well known players like Gilles de Bilde (who became international Red Devil later), in order to make promotion to the 2nd division. Unfortunately they didn’t get the attention of the big audience and sponsors, the well known players left and the club degraded again and got into financial troubles. In 2010 the bankruptcy was deviated but the club decided to withdraw from football. Today mother nature is taking over, the grass is knee high, paint is peeling off and the dug-outs lay desolate on the grass.Vandals tried to smash in the amour-plated windows of the old vip business building and it has been set on fire several times, so police is patrolling often. Many people found that this stadium one of the nicest of the lower divisions, today it’s nice in a different way. The future is uncertain as the neighbourhood wants the derelict stadium to be demolished as it’s only a memory of the failed ambitious plans of the club. The stadium will probably be demolished to make place for a new bigger sports hall.