Hunter’s Hotel

We dropped ourselves in a timecapsule back to the 70’s. This Jägerhotel is situated high in the mountains of Germany and is left abandoned for about 40 years. It’s main revenue came from skiers, but the owners didn’t earn enough money to continue business. Instead of selling they decided to leave the hotel abandoned with it’s rustic interior and rent it as a film & photography location. We had an appointment with a friendly bearded old man who looked like he was teleported from a fairytale. For a small fee we could could make a full report, more that 500 photographers have allready visited this place, even princess Juliana stayed here once upon a time for a week. We started at the restaurant with it’s cosy corners, ideal to have a chat with your friends while another plays the guitar. The main attraction was the big dining room full of stuffed animals. The ideal setting to have a hunter’s menu during cold winterdays and socialize with your friends with some background music, it must have been a great atmosphere here back in the days. The vintage bedrooms where like the setups they make in the fairytale part of attraction parks nowadays. We discovered a room full of vintage Apple pc’s and I met again with my first computer ever : a Commodore Amiga 500, nostalgia! We finished with a groupshot with the old man, as a present he gave us some expired seaweed salades (a not so typical product of the region 🙂