Powerplant IM

This powerstation was built in 1920 and worked on coal. Greenpeace had put pressure on the government to close down all coal plants to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas in Belgium and it closed down in 2006. In the fifties the plant expanded and in the 60’s it was one of the biggest powerplants in the region. It’s still in good condition and can be started up immediately, there is no vandalism as there still is security and everything is locked up well. The terrain consited of two parts : on one side of the short there is a cooling tower (see my album “Cooling Tower IM”, on the other side the big powerplant itself full of pipes and many floors. Coals were burnt and extinguished the whole year, 24h a day, the energy was no clean and quiet energy like we have nowdays of solar panels or windmills, but energy that had to be raised with force from deep underground. We were lucky we found an entrance and could visit this place.