Villa Albert

When we arrived the first thing we noticed in the garden was a small tricycle packed in tape left behind. The villa was in excellent state, just like the owners could return any minute. The husband was Polish and born in 1915. He had a serious health problems seen the number of medicines and x-ray pictures. The last signs of life were in 1996 so he definitely got to the respectable age of 81. We couldn’t figure out if he passed away or went to a resting home, but apparantly they didn’t have any family to take further care of the villa. There was a special automatic chair at the staircase so that the old man could get to get to his bedroom on the first floor. He had a lot of interest in WWII, tennis and art. At first sight it seemed a spooky villa painted in ughly green, but inside it gave a warm feeling due to the wood and rich colours. Nice last visit of the day to end our urbextrip. The villa is demolished now.