Disco Inferno II

The party is over… 3 years ago a disaster happened to this former blooming disco. This place was an established value during many years where also famous artists came to party. Later it got less crowded, the owner tried to resurrect the disco but eventually he had to put it for sale. 6 months later suddenly people where walking down the street and saw the disco was on fire. The fire expert didn’t find the cause and classified as unknown, the electricity and gas were closed down so a short circuit couldn’t be the reason. It almost burnt down completely. The owner owned this place for 35 years and he was very sad about losing his lifework. The nice facade of the entrance is protected heritage since the year 1738. The entrance hall was still in good condition, the rest of the disco was a post-apocalyptic scene. The red couches, mirrors and dj booth and a tray of coke still survived, it was the first time we saw decay because of a disaster and it was quit impressive. This year it will be demolished completely to make space for a new project.